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Lets talk crowns! ūüĎĎ

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No. Not the kind you wear on your head. Dental crowns. A dental crown is a custom made restoration that covers your whole tooth, from the gum line up to the chewing surface. ¬†Dental crowns have many restorative and cosmetic uses that can offer many benefits to our patients.¬† Dental crowns are used to help support a tooth that has been badly damaged by decay or is severely worn down. ¬†Dental crowns hold together teeth that are severely cracked or broken as well as restore them after one has a root canal. Crowns are used to anchor a dental bridge if several teeth in one area need treatment. We can also use crowns to add length or width to misshapen teeth, cover up tooth discoloration or staining and even cover a dental implant. Dental crowns are recommended to protect your teeth from further issues, to prevent sensitivity and to help make your smile more aesthetically pleasing. Dental crowns are not a complicated treatment. Having a crown procedure done is actually minimally invasive and pretty straightforward. ¬†The procedure requires two office visits to complete. During the first visit Dr. Rechidi will shape and clean your tooth so that it can securely hold a crown. ¬†Next, she will take an impression of your tooth. This impression gets sent to our dental laboratory where over the next two weeks a dental technician uses it to fabricates your crown. ¬†During these two weeks you will be wearing a temporary crown to protect your tooth from having any sensitivity. When your crown is ready Dr. Rechidi will place it over your tooth with the strongest bonding cement on the market. VoilaŐÄ! You‚Äôre all set with your new crown.

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